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Whenever you order tacos in Mexico (or almost any food for that matter), the server will ask you if you want it “con todo” or with everything. In regard to tacos, “con todo” pertains to adding onion, lime, and cilantro. In the case of french fries at Pasteleria Madrid in downtown Mexico City, “con todo” means adding ketchup, cheese, and mayonnaise! Being the foodies that we are- the phrase “con todo” stuck with us immediately! If you are going to try a new food, you should not hold anything back- go “con todo”, always! We quickly adopted “always con todo” as a saying that we use in our Kinetic Kennons YouTube videos. The phrase quickly turned from a catchy saying revolving around food to a much deeper, thought provoking mantra for our lives.


We believe in always giving our all, jumping into adventures head first, and embracing life the best we can. We want to live con todo, work con todo, explore con todo, laugh con todo, smile con todo, and love con todo! Always Con Todo.


However, after nearly two years of creating youtube videos in Mexico, we realized that we weren’t sharing the beauty of Mexico to the world in the most complete way possible. Thus the idea to create “Con Todo” was born. In addition to sharing the beauty of Mexico with you all virtually across the internet, we plan to bring it right into your home. We hand pick arts, crafts, jewelry, etc. from all across this incredibly culturally rich country to share directly with you. We support local artisans who create these masterpieces and only purchase extremely limited quantities to share with you.


Our aim is to find the most beautiful, unique pieces of art in this beautiful country that we call home and not only share the artwork itself with you, but also the stories behind all of the treasures--including the artists themselves! With your help, we can shine the spotlight on hundreds of incredibly talented artists all throughout Mexico all the while bringing Mexican treasures straight into your home.


If nothing else, we hope that “Con Todo” inspires people to live their best life and to always, always, ALWAYS live con todo!


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